Top 10 Records I DIDN’T listen to in 2016


Lets face it 2016 was an insane roller coaster of a year and between my job, personal life, running a record label, following the asinine election, and watching copious amounts of professional wrestling that leaves little time for listening to every record that comes out in a timely manner. The following records are albums that […]

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Bay Area’s Xoxo Volcano

Coming out with their debut song “Don’t Do It Slow” which they released on Skinny Lamb Records back in July. Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes “Don’t Do It Slow” is an energetic song and that does not let up. This is the start of a really good thing. I have […]

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Review- Dear Pines/ Guest House Split (2015)


Dear Pines and Guest House released a split in 2015 and I’m sure I planned to review it in 2015 but one thing lead to another and I never I got around to it. If you didn’t get around to listening to this split in 2015, today is your lucky day because I’m here to […]

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Review – Superhaunted – “warrior/worrier”

w_w cover

Nick Nottebaum aka Superhaunted is super haunted by personal demons that come to life in “warrior/worrier”.  I never really paid attention to how close the words “warrior” and “worrier” sound but I don’t think you can have one without the other. “Warrior/worrier” is a super sad pop punk journal that chronicles one man’s struggle to […]

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Review – Nametags “Demo”


Woke up. Dragged my butt to work. Got messaged a demo from a new band from Richmond VA. Listened to said demo. Enjoyed said demo. Here is my review of Nametags “Demo”.     Nametags comes to the internet through an IP address based in punk haven Richmond VA.  They released their demo yesterday.  The […]

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Berningman Fest 06.04.16


PHOTO COVERAGE  / VIDEO COVERAGE by TandAmedia VIDEO COVERAGE by @dad.hat Berningman fest was a Bernie Sanders campaign fundraiser that was organized by Open Door Records on 06.04.16, a couple days before the California primary in hopes to help Bernie in his last stride to Tuesday. The fest consisted of 2 rooms with dual PA set ups in order […]

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Show Review: Jocaflannel Presents | March 25, 2016


On Friday March 25th, 2016, Jocaflannel presented us with a packed house show that included acts from Funfair, Shallow Halls, Melted and Wild WIng. At first glance, I could tell that Jocaflannel put a lot of effort into organizing the event and making sure everything was under control; unfortunately in the case of this house […]

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Review – GOTTEM “Infinity Blunts”


GOTTEM is a band that was never intended to be taken seriously, but “Infinity Blunts” seriously bumps. If I can be blunt with you this record is GOTTEM’s best release to date.  “Infinity Blunts” is four brand new dank tracks that hit you with a variety of sounds and emotions. This EP is the perfect […]

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Review – Diners “It’s All True”


I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving whether you were with family or friends.  I came home from Thanksgiving with something to be very thankful for.  I got a nice little package from Phat ‘n’ Phunky Phonics.  Inside the package I found a brightly colored 7″ by Arizona band, Diners.     Diners have […]

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Review – Laura Stevenson “Cocksure”

laura 111

The first time I saw Laura Stevenson was back around 2008 , she was on tour with Bomb the music industry!, she played 6 songs from her first LP and it was hands down the best solo acoustic set Ive seen to date. I have seen her play solo or with a full band about 12 times […]

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