Berningman Fest 06.04.16


VIDEO COVERAGE by @dad.hat

Life Moves On

Berningman fest was a Bernie Sanders campaign fundraiser that was organized by Open Door Records on 06.04.16, a couple days before the California primary in hopes to help Bernie in his last stride to Tuesday. The fest consisted of 2 rooms with dual PA set ups in order to accommodate the 30 local bands that performed from 3pm-10pm.

Room 1 consisted of punk and metal driven acts that probably wouldn’t use those terms to define their genre: Runaround, ASAU, Life Moves On, etc.

Modern Color



Room 2 consisted of indie rock bands such as The Red Pears and Caterwall.

Stealing the show is something most bands thrive to do, but in this case it was the vegan taco vendor Rafa’s Tacos that ended up leaving the attendees waiting in line for more.

Below is a Video Playlist of some footage captured from the event.

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