Review – Nametags “Demo”

Woke up.

Dragged my butt to work.

Got messaged a demo from a new band from Richmond VA.

Listened to said demo.

Enjoyed said demo.

Here is my review of Nametags “Demo”.




Nametags comes to the internet through an IP address based in punk haven Richmond VA.  They released their demo yesterday.  The demo opens up with a fart sound, but don’t let that fool you this demo is pretty heartfelt and not tongue in cheek.  Nametags gives me a Larry arms feel, especially Chris songs.  This demo has some nice grit to it while being pretty well recorded.  They do a nice job doing double vocal recording on this demo.  It is a style they should stick with. Hannah a great voice. Her lyrics are really relatable.

“Rob” has a really catchy melody.  It is by far the best track on the demo.

“Tequila Sunrise” has a some good sing along melodies.  “you and I will be alright”

“Red Ears” is a 6/8 song.  Really vivid and tender lyrics here. I dig the bass line during the bridge of the song.


This band has a lot of potential if they want to seize it.  I look forward to a proper 7″ or LP from this band.


Give their demo a listen here.




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