Review – Point of View “Vultures”

Point of View has done it again.  They have whipped out another masterful EP.  Who is Point of View? Another amazing San Jose band that suffers from being from San Jose. Point of View has been playing together since The Gaslighter in Campbell was a thing.  Enough of the past.

Point of View has been laying low since their re-release of their sharp, heartfelt EP Burner.  Point of View really matured as songwriters on that EP.  On their 2017 effort, they have stepped up to a new level of maturity as songwriters.  These 5 songs are a blend of sounds of The Menzingers and Propagandhi.  With lyrics that speak to both the heart and mind of the listener.  If you get this EP, I would be surprised if you did not have this on your AOTY list.


This record is a concept record.  This record is specifically dealing with the idea of loss.  From the vinyl insert Through these five songs we hope that you embrace the fears that come with tragic loss. That you see through the eyes of the spectator who chases away the birds that have come to pick at your bones.  That you don’t let the teachings of the past waste away to be forgotten and find that in the future there might be a sweetness that follows.



This song rips.  It is layered in tone and style.  Lyrics wise I feel the sense of urgency that this is more than about a literal translation of the lyrics.  This song is more about not being in control and that nothing is forever without saying it too on the nose.  I wonder which song they fear skipping?



This song goes into more detail of what Fear introduces.  What are the vultures?  Are they destructive behaviors we use when dealing with loss?  Man this song’s lyrics are so well thought out and a perfect blend to let the listener interpret them for themselves.  Musically Point of View are pumping it out really technically all while being very laid back and melodical.



I feel like this is part 2 of Vultures storywise.  We did not heed the warnings of Vultures.  The destructive behaviours have led us to our low point of the record.  Favorite line of the record is in this song. “I’ve been killing time listening to love line doing lines outside the venue”



Damn this song could be an anthem for San Jose musicians.  More seriously though, the band is reflecting on where they are at in life after dealing with loss. At the end of the song we come to find that we can’t just be idle and must move on and not waste away.  This song feels like it’s very personal to Bragg the bassist.  Bragg is such a hard working and talented bassist.


Sweet Rush

Just listen to it.


Overall this record takes the listener on a journey of loss and self discovery.  What more could you ask for.  I hope POV has another release in them because I think they have finally hit their creative zenith on this EP.






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I (Michael Mahaffie) am a documentary film editor by day and obsessive record collector by night. I also program documentaries for the Slamdance Film Festival. I have 2 dogs and a cat. I live in Echo Park. I like eating new foods and riding my bike. I also just learned how to juggle.

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