INTV – Walter X announces “What Are You Trying To Prove?” EP and releases single.

What would happen if Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra changed their name to Walter X instead of Walter Etc.  This tribute/joke band explores that timeline.

We sat down with Walter #2 and Walter #3 and asked the band why.

CPH – So what made you 4 decide to start Walter X?

WALTER #2 – Oh man, the other Walters and I were at the last VLHS show over the weekend and we were talking about past shows. I never got to play at the VLHS because I was never in a band, but I loved every show I went to.  I discovered some of my favorite bands there.  Walter Mitty being one of those bands.

WALTER #3 – Ya Walter #2 and I agreed that Walter Mitty at the VLHS was one of the greatest shows we had ever been to.  That show was my first time seeing them and they became one of my favorite bands fast.  I immediately bought every record I could of theirs and basically listened to them on repeat.

WALTER #2 – Low key, we were kinda drunk and talking about DIY and just doing something fun together.  There is something important about just having fun sometimes.  We decided that this would be super fun to do.

CPH – Why did you pick Full Body Yawn to cover?

WALTER #2 – It’s my favorite Walter song.  It has so much heart and I love it so much!

CPH – I am hearing a lot of chiptunes what made you add that element to the band?

WALTER #3 – Well we wanted to homage the Makeshift Orchestra part as much as we could so we thought chiptunes would work really nice.

CPH – At first listen it was really fun so I think that you captured that.  Can I ask what other songs are you planning to have on the EP?

WALTER #3 – Good Grace If Only, Breathe Funny, and Steamboat Willie are confirmed.  We are open to suggestions but we are looking to have 6-7 tracks on the EP.

WALTER #2 – I mean I feel like we have to do Punk with an X.

CPH – That seems like a must.  Anyways do you think you will play shows?

WALTER #2 – I would love to play shows.  Playing with Walter Etc. would be the dream.

WALTER #3 – Ya the goal for this band would be to play 1 show with Walter Etc.


CPH – I actually would be down to see that show.  The album artwork made me laugh when I first saw it.  Do you think you will make it into a shirt?

WALTER #3 – Ya the photo was taken by Zach Miller and we just tried to make a hardcore cover.  If we made shirts we would give all the profits to Walter Etc.  We are doing this band because we are fans.  They could also take this and print up their own.  That would be an honor.

WALTER #2 – Also more on that.  The record will be available for free but if anyone donates to buy the album we will give any and all money to Walter Etc.

CPH – Are your names really Walter?

WALTER #2 – No but we are not trying to draw attention to ourselves.

CPH – Well I am pleasantly surprised by this and I am excited to see this whole EP come out.

WALTER #3 – Thanks we are just trying to have fun.

WALTER #2 – Yeah, shouts out to Walter Etc.  I hope they don’t hate it too much. Also preorder their new record.  It’s gonna be way better than our EP.


Walter X will be releasing “What Are You Trying To Prove?” later in the year.  No word if there will be a physical release.

You can hear the first single “Full Body Yawn” at their bandcamp.




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