Review – Just Friends/Prince Daddy & The Hyena Split 7″

I am going to get this out of the way.


Blue > Pinkerton 


Feel free to hate me, but it doesn’t negate the fact that this split featuring 2 Weezer covers is really good.  I am a huge fan of splits.  I grew up with the BYO splits.  I hope the split record is something that never ever goes out of style in punk music.  It is not only good sonically, it is good for DIY spirit. It can connect 2 scenes from seperate parts of the country/world together.


This split brings together 2 of the more exciting DIY bands currently slinging around the country, Prince Daddy & The Hyena from NY who are coming off an impressive debut LP and Just Friends who could be the most fun DIY band to see live right now.  Each band drops us 2 fresh tracks as well as a Weezer cover each.



The Just Friends side almost feels like b-sides from their killer debut Rock 2 The Rhythm.

Sad 2 See

Do that thing, Do that thing.  I actually wonder if this song was recorded at the same time as R2TR.  I really dig this song but I really dig the music video.

The song’s lyrics compliments their Weezer cover.  I really can’t wait for them to drop a new record.  Just Friends genre-bending sad and absurd attitude is infectious and if they ever break up people will be trying to buy JF records like cult followers.  Don’t wait for that day to come.  Get hyped on them now and enjoy the ride.

The Good Life

Damn son where did you find this?  This is a great cover.  My only complain is I wish that Just Friends took a few more risks with the cover.  They made it their own and I really like it, but I wish they got a little funkier with it.


The Prince Daddy & The Hyena side feels like a hangover after their last LP.  I really dig the raw recorded energy.

Moo Moo Meadows

Prince Daddy has a way to bring into intimate moments of everyday life.  Damn this song is really poppy and compliments the Weezer cover as well.  I really don’t think that this band could do anything wrong.


The best part of this cover is the raw sound of the recording.  They also finish this song off really well.  Do you wanna know how it ends?  Buy the 7″ and listen to it yourself.


I give this 7/10.  If this record had both bands recording as 1 band it would have been a 10/10 for epicness.




This record was put out by Open Door, Making New Enemies, & From the Garage.


Buy the 7″ Here





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