Celebrity Punk House is run by me (Michael Mahaffie) from my home in Los Angeles.  It’s main purpose is for me and some friends to post stuff that we enjoy doing so that when we are 80 we can have a laugh. Secondly, CPH will be a small record label for music that we like.  Things you will see on here are photos, reviews, interviews, records, videos.

Michael Mahaffie

I (Michael Mahaffie) am a documentary film editor by day and obsessive record collector by night.  I also program documentaries for the Slamdance Film Festival.  I have 2 dogs and a cat.  I live in Echo Park.  I got into punk music in 6th grade when my friend Justin burned me a copy of Punk-O-Rama 3. I play in a band called Jump Cut. I like eating new foods and riding my bike. I also just learned how to juggle.


Dan Ramirez

I’m Dan, and I’m a huge poser that completely missed watching wrestling during the attitude era. I live the rest of my days watching as much pro-wrestling as I can. When I’m not watching wrestling, I’m tearing it up at your local open-mic. I also co-run Open Door Records with my brother Ozzy.


Sam Nakhoul

Hi! I’m Sam. I’m from a Boston suburb and am currently residing in Jersey City, NJ. I worked at a metal radio station in college and now I’m running a national street team for an entertainment marketing agency. My favorite part of the day is when The Dogist posts on Instagram. I also like ice cream, breakfast foods that are bigger than the size of my face, and Fleetwood Mac a little bit too much.


Chex Joseph

I’m Chex Joesph , from Inglewood CA. I’ve played guitar in too many ska bands for you to take anything I say seriously.


Michael McDermit

I’m a writer and musician newly living in Los Angeles. I got my MFA in writing from the University of Oregon and ditched the green wetness for hazy sun and traffic. I’ve played in about twenty bands and released music, writing, and photos mainly through the My Idea of Fun artist collective, which was founded in the flood famous burg of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I’m a contributing editor for Fogged Clarity, an arts review, and do a podcast live from my bathtub (fully clothed) about forgotten books called Moment to Moment. I currently teach writing at El Camino College and the Art Institute in Santa Monica.


Sam Kless

Hi my name is Sam, I enjoy long walks in Dublin/Pleasanton, somehow I figured out how to turn the caps lock button off to write this. I’m a senior at University Of San Francisco, I was class clown runner up in high school, I book shows at a Lazer Tag spot and hot dogs, god I love them.


Zach Miller

Hey! I’m Zach and I’m from Corona California and play in local bands Karoshi Boy and Casual Friday. Being based out of Southern California; I have been involved in the DIY scene for the past 4 years. I play shows almost every weekend and book shows for touring bands at various spots all over Southern California. When I’m not playing music or booking shows I spend most of my time doing Photography and Video work.   I also spend a lot of time skateboarding and traveling whenever I get the opportunity.


Osvaldo Ramirez

Better known as Ozzy or @dad.hat on the gram. I cover shows through a lens for CPH and try my best to capture still moments with my amateur skills.


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