Show Review: Jocaflannel Presents | March 25, 2016

On Friday March 25th, 2016, Jocaflannel presented us with a packed house show that included acts from Funfair, Shallow Halls, Melted and Wild WIng. At first glance, I could tell that Jocaflannel put a lot of effort into organizing the event and making sure everything was under control; unfortunately in the case of this house show and probably every house show in history, the cops showed up and ended the party during Wild Wing’s set, which was the last band.


Funfair, two piece band, started off the show and were followed by another two piece band, Shallow Halls. The fairly new rock band had a couple issues during their set, but they didn’t let that stop them from giving an energized performance that definitely left people wanting to hear more. The next band up was Melted. Melted never ceases to impress with their fast paced riffs and helluva drummer. The last band to perform was Wild Wing. They played a couple songs, but before they could leave an impression the cops showed up. I definitely look forward to catching their full set at another show.

The turn out for Jocaflannel’s show was incredible. She definitely did a great job promoting it and supplying great acts for party goers to unite. I definitely look forward into attending another one of her shows later this year.

-images by @dreamfilmsla | Johann Ramos

-footage by @opendoorrecords | Ozzy Ramirez

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