Review – GOTTEM “Infinity Blunts”

GOTTEM is a band that was never intended to be taken seriously, but “Infinity Blunts” seriously bumps. If I can be blunt with you this record is GOTTEM’s best release to date.  “Infinity Blunts” is four brand new dank tracks that hit you with a variety of sounds and emotions. This EP is the perfect soundtrack for a sad stoner, but the only thing I’m sad about right now is that I’m not stoned.

My favorite track on the record is “Miss Mary”, a song about seeking consolation from marijuana. The lyrics,  “Miss Mary where are you needa find you when I’m blue Miss Mary where are you I wanna get high” seep out of vocalist Max Gottesman’s mouth like a cloud of smoke and fill the room over some fire riffs.   It also doesn’t hurt that this track is featuring Jade Dimitri of Oso Oso. (Oso Oso released my album of the year last year and y’all should also check that out.)

The rest of the tracks on “Infinity Blunts” seem to be about failed relationships and indecisiveness. The title of the track “Hopeless Romantic” sums up the theme of most of the record. Overall “Infinity Blunts” has this sense of desperation that can only be cured by, you guest it, an infinite amount of blunts.  SMO SMD SMH

“Infinity Blunts” is being released physically by Santapogue Media, Hot Donna Music, and Open Door Records.

Preorder a copy at

My Rating: 6.66/10

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