Iris Jupiter Stream New Song “Ween”

Iris Jupiter is a poppy fix of heavy fuzz. Listening to Ween (V4008), off the new ‘Zero Cool’ EP, is an experience similar to nodding off on an overnight road trip. You gasp at the sight of lights growing in your direction and the radio stations shuffle out of control. Was it a truck? Was it a UFO? All you know is you’re awake for now and bopping your head to a catchy track you feel you already know the words to. Iris Jupiter is a new trio out of South Orange County where they help operate Orange County DIY’s non-profit art and music events. Grab a copy of the tape from Pacific Nature Recordings and catch a performance on their Summer tour!

Listen to “Ween”, a Track from Iris Jupiter’s debut EP, “Zero Cool”, released on Pacific Nature Records July 17th, 2016 on cassette tape.

Buy Tapes Here:

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