Celebrity Punk House Punk Celebrity Interviews #1: Chris Farren (Fake Problems, Antarctigo Vespucci)

Welcome to the first edition of Celebrity Punk House Punk Celebrity Interviews. I had the privilege of getting to ask THE Punk Celebrity Chris Farren a few questions.

How’s the punk celebrity life treating you?

CF: It’s great, my life is perfect in every way.

Who are you most excited to see at Fest this year?

CF: Beach Slang!

What’s your favorite lyric that you’ve ever wrote?

CF: I’m pretty pleased with the lyrics to the Antarctigo song “I See Failure”.

What’s your favorite local band that you feel never got the recognition it deserved?

CF: Fake Problems

I’m a big fan of the music on your podcast “Back to the Island”. Is there any chance of making those tracks available for download? Maybe a greatest hits record?

CF: Yes, one day we will do that I bet. We are constantly talking about it but never actually doing it. We’d have to do a lot of digging around in our computers.

What was the inspiration behind the Weenie Boy in Space?

CF: I don’t remember but if I had to guess I was supposed to be doing something else that I didn’t want to do, so I instead spent 5 hours making an insane sci-fi rock opera song.

If you could do a podcast about any other TV show what would it be?

CF: Oh crud I have no idea. I’m so sick of TV. Law and Order.

What drove you to write an all original Christmas album? Can we expect a physical release? Would you ever tour on that record?

CF: I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas album but could never quite get the ideas or the songs right. Something just clicked in my head last year and it made sense and I knew I had to follow through with it. There will definitely be a physical release this year and I’m working on getting some shows together to support it!

Any plans for any other holiday themed records?

CF: No I think one is enough.

What was your writing process for the new Antarctigo Vespucci record like? Did it differ from the first two?

CF: Not really – though this was the first time I wrote songs *FOR* an AV record. Previously those songs were meant to be Fake Problems songs but for whatever reason didn’t make it thru. I write a bunch of songs and then Jeff goes through them and picks his favorites, then we deconstruct them and work on parts that don’t work or make up new parts etc etc.

Is there anything or anyone you want to promote or plug? 

CF: The new Laura Stevenson record RULES

The new Laura Stevenson does rule!

Chris Farren recently released his Least Embarrassing Demos on Bandcamp you can check those out here.

You can also stay up to date with all things Chris Farren at Chrisfarren.com

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