REVIEW- Catlike​/​Parallel “Split”

New York bands Catlike and Parallel released a split just before heading out on a run of east coast shows.  The bands contrasting styles showcase the diversity of the New York emo scene. The split features one track from each band.

Catlike’s contribution to the split is an infectiously catchy lo-fi pop tune. It’s fuzzy and mellow in sound but lyrically a lot more aggressive with lyrics like, “I’ll burn it down
right to the ground”. This song does carry a feeling of contempt to it but overall it’s really enjoyable. My favorite part of the tracks is the ohs and ahhs at the end because I’m a simple guy and that’s what I like.

Parallel’s track is a very digestible emo track. It’s everything you’d ask for in an emo track: noodle-y guitar, soft and slow melodies that ramp up in a crescendo, and sad sap lyrics. I have no complaints here I’m just going to take a quick cry break.

The split is available on bandcamp :



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