Review- Oso Oso “the yunahon mixtape”

On January 13, 2017 Oso Oso shocked the world and released what was certainly the aoty at that moment.  Now more than a month after it’s initial release the same can still be argued. The yunahon mixtape is the follow up to Real Stories of True People, Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters . . . that was released through Soft Speak records. This time around Oso Oso went the self-release route and as of this moment, the record is only available digitally. This record dropped like an RKO out of nowhere with no real hype or build up. The lack of promotion actually increased my enjoyment of the record. It was something that I listened to because I wanted to and not because I couldn’t escape it.

Jade of Oso Oso is one of my favorite songwriters. I’ve been following his work since Hoffman Manor. His songs have this sort of magical quality that allows me to enjoy the songs more and more with each listen and this quality just keeps improving with every release. This guy is a musical wizard who has got no time for quidditch. He’s catching more than just the golden snitch when he hooks you in with those catchy melodies.

The record itself plays like a mixtape that is carefully crafted for someone special putting time and effort into deciding the track order. The intro song “the cool” sets this trend with conversational lyrics like, ““cool. where do you wanna go tonight?”…I guess I wanna know if we can take the long way home tonight. its just around the bend ” Each song brings something unique to the table and showcases more than just a catchy pop record.  My personal favorite track, “reindeer games”, continues this trend of laying out casual and conversational lyrics in a masterful way along the peaks and valleys of the song. The closing lyrics to the record on “out of the blue”, “aint it nice to fuck up, and not be in it alone?” are delivered in such a way that wrap the recorded up so perfectly. We might have an instant emo classic on our hands here.

Lillitri pushes the limits of what his previous records have shown him capable of in terms of vocal deliveries and range. With call and responses, and layering/harmonizing of vocals JD achieves a fuller and more robust vocal track. The vocals, however, are only the icing on this sweet ass record. The Yunahon Mixtape is a definite must listen for fans of emo, indie, and pop alike.

Listen to the record via Bandcamp below:



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