3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to In Her Own Words

Last month I was given the opportunity to go on tour with In Her Own Words  and sell merchandise. I’ve known the boys in IHOW for quite a while now, but I never spent 7 consecutive days with them. Here are 3 reasons I learned while on tour for why you should listen to In Her Own Words.

@chain reaction in Anaheim, CA
  1. Their Music
    This might sound like a generic reason to why anyone should listen to any band, however, I had to listen to their set for 7 days straight and I  found myself enjoying the music even more as the days passed.
  2. Passion
    These guys have been going at this for almost a decade if not already, and this tour only reassured me that they have no plans in slowing down and that their heart is 100% in the music and in the performance they give to their fans.
  3. Feeeeeels
    You can feel the emotion in the performance of their music. I stepped aside from my duties of “Merch Manager” and filmed parts of their sets for a couple of dates (videos below). See for yourself.

I wasn’t sure what kind of article I was going to write for this tour, so I went for the “click bait” template that is commonly used by other news sites. In Her Own Words will be touring acoustic this month with JT Woodruff, Woven in Hiatus, and Hazing.

Toledo, OH – 1.18
Columbus, OH – 1.19
Pittsburgh, PA – 1.20
New York, New York – 1.21
Boston, MA – 1.22
Albany, NY – 1.23
Rochester, NY – 1.24
Richmond, VA – 1.25
Greensboro, NC – 1.26
Atlanta, GA – 1.27
Nashville, TN – 1.28
Dallas, TX – 1.29
Corpus Christi, TX – 1.30
Austin, TX – 1.31
El Paso, TX – 2.1
Phoenix, AZ – 2.2
Lake Havasu, CA – 2.3
Redlands, CA – 2.4
Fullerton, CA – 2.5

Venues and tix @ IVRUnplugged.com


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