Kicking Out 2016 and Kicking Off Tour


Iris Jupiter is Orange County’s newer sad-boy-power-pop-shoegaze? group and their 2017 West Coast Tour kicks off on New Year’s Day. Supporting the release of their Self Titled album through Open Door Records, the band is touring cities to Bellingham, WA and back home before the official release date on January 13th. SHEER, NOYES and BLIVET (feeder) are sharing the stage January 1st (aka Travelogue Day 1) at Programme HQ in Fullerton.

“Life before collaborating with Nadya and Cole just wasn’t as satisfying as it is today. 2016 had me saying ‘what the fuck?’ under my breath each day in response to so many global, local and personal situations. But….at the same time, all the things we’ve said we would do 6 months ago is happening now and honestly good news still feels somewhat estranged. Our first larger tour, first full release and more surprises from Iris Jupiter I can’t mention yet are all in 2017 …….and Alien: Covenant is out May 19th, so yeah…it might not be so bad after all.” – Devan Fuentes (Iris Jupiter)


Also performing, SHEER has put together a following with their dreamy studio tracks that deliver a real fix for 90s alt recordings. Also their never ending battle over stage space between the members and their high-powered tube amps and cabs is always impressive.


Noyes is just as you’re supposed to say it ‘/noiz/’. They’ll challenge your shit posting and give a set that’ll be the the most fun you’ve had splitting your ears with Big Muffs.


FEEDER is now BLIVET. Their performance and attitude on stage give us hope and assurance that our following generations of punk won’t suck at all.


Others had a few similar things to say about 2016 and the New Year’s Day Kick Off:

“2016 was whack, the tour kick off is gonna be tight as fuck” – Nadya Diaz (Iris Jupiter)

“We are stoked to say goodbye to such a shitty year and gig it with OC’s best rockers” – Gina Almaguer (Sheer)

“Don’t forget your wetsuit…you might be crowd surfin’. Also heard that SHEER is covering Limp Bizkit?” – Unknown

“I didn’t know we were playing this but I think it’s sick” – Cole Sattler (Iris Jupiter)

I can’t lie to you about your chances but … you have my sympathies” – Ash (Alien 1979)

“Bring earplugs” – Kermit Obert (Noyes)

Attend the Facebook event for updates!


Doors at 7:30PM

Bands at 8:00PM

Programme Skate and Sound

2495 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831

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