CVLTVRE Premiere new single “Drown”

CVLTVRE is an Inland Empire based music project that is driven by post-hardcore ambient writing with testimony based lyrics. Their live performance will tell the stories they convey in their songs in broad new ways. Currently they are working on their debut release, a five song EP simply titled, “All Life Is…Act One: An Act of Letting Go. This extended play is part of a four part series dealing with self-purpose and identity. “Drown” is the fourth track on the EP, and it specifically deals with control over situations you have none in, and learning to accept it. Joe Yarbrough is on lead vocals and guitar, Ozzie Lizarraga lead guitar, Steven Thompson on the drums and Pierce Webster on bass guitar and backing vocals. All Life Is…Act One: An Act of Letting Go will be released in 2017.

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