Exclusive – Ordinary Neighbors “Reasons” Music Video

Celebrity Punk House was cool enough to let me premiere Ordinary Neighbors’ new music video for our song ‘REASONS‘ off our upcoming full length record called “A Myth of What Was Forever” that comes out Sept. 10!

Considering this is one of our “deeper” songs. There was no real back story to the video. We wanted a very simple and fun video and for those who know me personally, I love black and white, so theres that. The couch was actually a smoking area at our practice space where we did a photoshoot with our good friend Senny Mau and I had this random idea that we should just shoot an entire video right there. So the next week, we did just that and just added the performance shots coz we were filming a live session that day too.  Fun fact: both my ankles were pretty fucked that day. Not cool.

Shout outs to our Victoria and Jenny for helping us film this.

So yeah, that’s a little something something about the video.

We have digital pre-orders and pre-order bundles available at


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