Review – Prince Daddy & The Hyena “Adult Summers”

Fuck it has been a minute. I wrote this as fast as i could before work so ignore all the shitty spelling and grammar.

I have been editing a documentary about going to mars that I very excited about.  Space is so fucking cool. It has been a pretty intense film to get working because space is so dense and the task of balancing information and entertainment can be a struggle.  When stuff is rendering I usually am listening to music or trolling on the web.  Today I saw that the new Prince Daddy & The Hyena record went up for pre-order and their album artwork reminds me of how I feel after a long day cutting the mars documentary.




I quickly pre-ordered the record because I was a die hard fan of their last EP.  THEN I NOTICED THAT I NEVER REVIEWED THEIR LAST EP “Adult Summers”




Prince Daddy & The Hyena or P. Daddy hails from New York.  I got turned onto them by Celebrity Punk House resident Dan Ramirez, I was instantly hooked.  I have seen many EPs come and go and this one still gets heavy rotation.  I MEAN HEAVY ROTATION.  I have probably listened to this EP close to 80-100 times.  I do not have a single complaint for this EP.  The lyrics are honest, raw, and nihilistic in a positive way.  One could argue that this band is just a Jeff Rosenstock worship band, but there are doing something special that stands out. The positive nihilism throughout this record is something that at least for me seems to be new and refreshing.  It is refreshing to see a DGAF attitude that is warm and fuzzy while still being really serious and introspective.  It is almost like PDaddy is putting up a front to their listener that they don’t care and just wanna smoke, drink and fuck up the police, but actually there is more depth to them if you care to look.


Adult Summers Part 1

This song starts off tender and real.  This tender moment of being in bed with someone you care and wanting that moment to last forever.  The moment won’t last because P Daddy has got some hell to raise that night.  By the end of the song P Daddy mantras out that if it’s it meant to be it will be it will be it will be it will be it will be it will be.  The sample that bridges this song and the next basically tells the listener to kill themselves because their lives are no where near as fly as theirs.  The bravado is strong.


Adult Summers Part 2

This song, I think, is describing the “Tonight we’ve got some hell to raise” from the previous track.  This song for me is the front to their audience.  Just going balls to the wall and just getting fucked up.  I mean some days all I wanna do is drop a little acid smoke a ton of weed and live in the moment because FUCK IT.  The sample at the end is weird in a way to take us out of this scene of being out and raising hell.  It almost feels like an alarm.


I’m A Bum

I see this song as the morning after.  This song still nihilistic but now that nihilism has turned inward.  P Daddy is no longer going out and tearing shit up but now staying in and getting drunk in the morning.  The person he is talking to in the song I see as the person from that bed scene in Adult Summers Part 1.  P Daddy is a fucking bum.  It is depressing.  His friends are out doing things and he is just watching netflix and gaining weight.  I think at some point in time we can all relate to this song.  The honesty of this song really comes through and while musically it is not the number one song for me.  The lyrics are really strong.


Revenge of the SpiderBees

HOORAY WE ARE GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE.  I imagine P daddy has watched all of the x-files over the summer getting stoned from the first lyrics of seeing back to school ads for months.  P Daddy is realizing that the summer is almost over.  He calls, who I still see is the person from the bed scene in adult summers part 1, and sees if they wanna go out in the woods.  I had to look up what a spiderbee was and damn those things are scary looking.  The last part of the song I feel like we have returned to that tenderness of the bed scene.  Again I believe this person we keep coming back to is that person.  I feel like have come full circle.


Hidden Track

This song brakes the mold for me.  Tonally I feel like this song is an internal conversation in his brain.  The fact that it is called hidden tracks makes me think that.  He wants to change how he lives, but not the smoking and drinking.  I think he just wants to change so that he is not the man in “I’m a Bum”.  I think he wants to find balance and knows that it won’t be easy because LIFE IS FUCKING HARD DUDE.  He is still realistic in that change.  This song is my favorite mainly because this is the first song Dan showed me.


I fucking love this EP.  I can’t wait for the LP.  It is the most anticipated record of the year for me.  This band should rule the DIY scene.  They have a point of view and style that is severely needed in the scene.   The tape I believe is OOP but you can still get their demo tape which is also pretty good.



Adult Summers

Skip Cutscenes! Blow Loud! (Demo Tape)

I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving(Pre-Order)




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