Celebrity Punk House Podcast – Episode 6: Sleep Spindles

Celebrity Punk House Podcast – Episode 6: Sleep Spindles

Episode Six of the Celebrity Punk House Podcast. The official podcast of celebritypunkhouse.com.  Our special guests this week are Sleep Spindles AKA your new favorite post rock band. We start off talking about their worst experiences on the road but end up falling into some improv comedy.

Poorly Hosted By: Dan Ramirez

  • IG: @Savesthedan
  • Twitter: @BigGuy4By4

Special Guests: Sleep Spindles

Twitter: @sleepspindlesca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sleepspindlesca


Theme Song by: Michael Mahaffie aka the legendary Jumpcut- https://jumpcutla.bandcamp.com/

Artwork by Ed Brecsia – http://edacrossthestreet.com/

Sponsored by: Opendoorrecords.org

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