Review – Laura Stevenson “Cocksure”

The first time I saw Laura Stevenson was back around 2008 , she was on tour with Bomb the music industry!, she played 6 songs from her first LP and it was hands down the best solo acoustic set Ive seen to date. I have seen her play solo or with a full band about 12 times 6 of which were within the last year.

Her third LP Wheel was my favorite album of 2014. Wheel had a repeatablity I took to far I cant begin to count the times I listened to that entire album.  Wheel is basically a perfect album, when it comes to compasition and lyrics.

Cocksure is Laura’s 4th Lp in the same vain of Wheel she put together songs that are personal yet relatable. Cocksure has a bit more pop sensibility than Wheel , at times i feel it can be a bit too poppy but it would be cool to dance around at the next show she plays , its a game changer for Laura I feel its an album that could push her and The Cans into crossover sucess , it wouldnt suprise me at all if their on Cocahella next year.

Over all I ‘d give this album a 4/5




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