Panoramic’s “Rule of Thirds” EP Review

As defined by, Panoramic, Pan·o·ram·ic, is “including all aspects of a subject; wide-ranging.” I feel like this truly describes this release. This band provides the listener with a wide-range of influences that spans across their respective genre.

Released on January 22nd, 2015 through Diy4lyfe Records & Zine, Rule of Thirds Cassette, echoes the sounds of powerhouses such as The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball. But do not be worried, this Orange County trio really brings the pain. On the track, Coffee Stains, they up the tempo and give the listener a not just a good cup of J2o but the catchiest song of the release.

What is really incredible about this band is that they truly embody what is right with a music and DIY subculture. This release was recorded by their drummer Jonathan Modell, they help book and support shows for touring bands. Their attitude and convictions are unmatched and under appreciated. With a new record and a winter planned look for this band to make literal waves in 2016.

These release is a great starting point for a young band doing it the right way.

FFO: The Front Bottoms, Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra, Zanders

Can pick up a copy of Rule of Thirds on Forest Green cassette over at Diy4lyfe Records & Zine.

Diy4lyfe Records & Zine Online Store

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