Art: Brandon Locher for Ghostly Int.

A little somethin’ different here at the punk house.

Brandon Locher is an artist from my hometown of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He’s been making visual art and music for some time now, much of it in conjunction with the My Idea of Fun artist collective–of which I am a part. Brandon’s recently put out some of his best visual work with Ghostly International, including a vinyl slipmat:


and a killer illustration, titled Mazes to the Motherlode XL, of every musician’s worst nightmare:


Locher’s latest effort (the featured image above) is an illustration for GhostlyCast #61 which features Lord RAJA. The drawing is a variation on the Eye(s) of Providence set amidst an optical art backdrop of black and white stripes drawing our gaze to the central of seven eyes.

Locher’s visual work is trippy, yet fully formed, and subverts the usual psychedelic tenants of loose boundary and morphing perspective. Locher’s planes are busy and bursting with an overload of sensory data that is still somehow able to be traced and scrutinized down to each individual line and stroke. Locher is creating detailed maps– but exactly of where remains yet to be traversed.


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