Celebrity Punk House Punk Celebrity Interviews #2: Max X (UEW Professional Wrestler)

Max X is a Los Angeles based independent pro wrestler who was recently featured in the latest Wavves music video. I think being in a Wavves music video is enough to award you Punk Celebrity Status.

How long have you been wrestling for UEW and how did you get your start there?

MX: I made my professional debut in March 2015, but started my training in July 2014. Previously, I was doing backyard wrestling, then one show the trainers of UEW came and offered the whole crew to train with them.

How would you describe Max X as a character?

MX: Max X is the little punk kid that was given the cold shoulder by everyone and looked down upon. He had no purpose until UEW found him, and now Max X is that no quit, never say die, submission ass kicker who will make you tap or break your arm. 

Who is your favorite wrestler of all time and who is your favorite wrestler currently?

MX: Since I was a kid my favorite wrestler was The Undertaker. Just overall he has it all: character, entrance, and great wrestling ability. I always believed the dead man rose from the grave to take his victims souls! Currently my two favorite wrestlers are Finn Balor and Daniel Bryan. Finn Balor has so many dimensions himself. He reminds me a lot of Taker. And well, what’s there not to love about Daniel Bryan. I really think D bry was the best wrestler on the planet from his ROH days.

Excluding wrestlers from the previous question, who would your dream opponent be and what would the stipulation be?

MX: Another wrestler who I look up to is Chris Hero, he has a great style. He spent a lot of time training the English style, has a wide arrange of wrestling holds. And he recently broke the record for longest wrestling match, he wrestled over 3 hours straight. So I believe Max X vs Chris Hero in an One Hour Ironman match would be a dream match to me.

What was it like being in the new Wavves music video? Did you know you would be the star? Did you get to hang out with the band at all?

MX: I thought it was so awesome to be a part of Wavves “Way too Much” music video. The week before I heard there was a band coming to film, but had no idea who the band was until the day of the show! And no I didn’t think I would be the “star” of the video. Nathan and the director of the video Jack were backstage with me before the show started, and were there after my match to see them remove the thumb tacs out of my head!

What’s your favorite band(s) of all time? Who are some of your favorite bands today?

MX: My favorite bands have to be AFI, Ceremony, Blink 182, Slipknot, and Interpol. My favorite bands today would have to be Title Fight. Freedom, Ghost, Down to Nothing, and xDefiantx!

What’s on your wrestling bucket list?

MX: UEW heavyweight Championship! Wrestling in the east coast for promotions like CZW and ROH. To wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling and be the IWGP junior heavyweight champion! And to earn that WWE contract.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in a wrestling ring?

MX: It would probably be at the event in June, One Wylde Night. I was wrestling the Evil Lonestar and I went for a dive between the ropes but my foot got caught in the middle rope and I landed right on top of my head on the concrete floor. But looking back it added a lot to the match so I’m not so embarrassed of it anymore!

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing what you do?

MX: To just stick with it. I started training with 14 other guys, out of the 14 there’s only 3 left. They all said that wrestling was their passion but for whatever reason they quit. If you want to be a pro wrestler then you stick to training no matter what.

Are there any events coming up that you would like to promote?

MX: This Halloween, October 31st UEW has the biggest event of the year, Hellbound. I am scheduled for a match with Ricky Barrera in a Falls Count Anywhere match. After this show UEW Has two shows left for the year. November 21st and 22nd UEW host the West Coast Cruiser Cup tournament. That I hope to be competing in. And December 5th UEW first solo deathmatch tournament “Sovereign of Slaughter”.On Saturday November 7th I will be in the Young Lions Cup tournament up north in Pacifica.

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