CM PUNK HOUSE #5: Rusev F*cks


Tonight’s Raw was sponsored by Payday. CM Punk House isn’t sponsored by Payday, but I’m really not opposed to selling out. I’m especially not opposed to selling out if it means I get free candy. Halloween is right around the corner. My fat ass hopes I can still steal candy from my little sister this year. I can always buy my own candy but then I’ll feel guiltily about it because I would have spent money on something that’s literally bad for me.

paige payday

Hell in The Cell is approaching and they’re really not doing much to get me excited about it. I’m going to watch it anyway because that’s how being a wrestling fan works.

The New Day pretty much saved the show tonight like they always do.

I enjoyed Kalisto vs Owens. As much as I fanboy over Kevin Owens, I still want to see Kalisto take him down. The Mexican American in me really wants Kalisto to succeed.

The Rusev segment tonight really bothered me because I just don’t understand it. Rusev and Lana are engaged in real life, but last week Summer Rae proposed to Rusev in a story line. Today TMZ breaks the news that Rusev and Lana are engaged and WWE decided to report it! WHY? Why would you report real life TMZ coverage in this scripted wrestling television show?  It feels like they don’t know what they’re doing with Rusev and just making up things on the fly. I pretty much know that’s what they’re doing. Oh well, I’ll see where this goes.

Rusev definitely just CRUSHED!

Rusev f*cks! Amiright!?

I like that I can “censor” a word by just replacing one letter with an asterisk.

Anyway I’m dipping out of the Punk House for now.

This episode of RAW gets 0/36 condoms because Rusev goes in RAW

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