East Coast Bands You Should Listen To: Eagle Daddy & Spill

(Sam Nakhoul is busy working at New York Comic-Con but she sent me this to post)

East Coast Bands You Should Listen To:

Eagle Daddy: Straight out of your basement show in New Brunswick, NJ, hails Eagle Daddy.  The four piece post-punk band released their debut EP Rock n’ Roll Is Dead and I Wish I Were Too last year and have since followed up with a single “Repeating” that makes you want to… wait for it… keep it repeating on repeat. While, I work on my lame dad jokes, you should watch the video for “Repeating” and try to catch these guys in basement near you.



Spill has been a band for a very short time, but in that time, they’ve released a self-titled EP and are currently working on their first LP that will be released through Broken World Media. This band is self-described as “funky punk with vocals” on their Facebook page, loves riffs, and their lyrical content revolves around everything sucking (ex: “Sucks Either Way”). Spill captures the suckiness of being bummed out and being stuck in your own ways, and puts a catchy, fun spin on it. I caught these guys in Brooklyn the other night and I’ve never seen a room quickly shift into accepting a lesser known opener than the way this crowd did. By the second song, not one person wasn’t bopping their head along. Despite their sad and too-close-to-home-hitting lyrics, Spill has a very positive vibe on stage. You can tell it’s where they feel most at home.



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