Review – Peace Be Still “Live Aux Send”

Peace Be Still is a fun emo punk band from up in Ontario, Canada. They come from a town called Mississauga. It reads like the Candian Mississippi.  I did not know too much about it so I did some research.  I was shocked to learn that it is the 6th largest city in Canada. It was originally a suburb of Toronto, but grew into its own beast.  They have some trippy looking buildings in their skyline.  Their public transportation is called MiWay, like that Usher song.  Oscar Peterson, one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time, resided in the city until his death.  That is awesome!

I came across across Peace Be Still when I was just getting into Major Bear/Sometimes I Get Drunk Records.  They are a great label BTW.  They have a handful of really solid bands on their roster.   I have been listening to their Untitled 7″ and their 64 LP online for awhile  The band posted that they had found some of their 7″s and so I sprang for that and their LP.  I also recently sprang for their 4-way split they did on Major Bear.


This review is not about those records. When I went to their bandcamp to buy their records I saw that they had posted a live record. My first thought when I saw this was who puts out a live record lol?  Immediately after listening the only thing I have to say is that this record shows how tight this band is playing.  They have really good synergy together. Some bands sometimes are not too good live and they sound good on the record.  Sometimes bands are good live but not on the record.  Peace be still from this recording sound great live.

This live record seems to have been recorded in 2013 and is only being released now.  hmm…anyways this has a collection of songs from the Untitled 7″ and the 64 LP.   I have never seen Peace Be Still play.  I missed a chance this summer because I was away working.  They were even playing in my general neighborhood.  That is life.  So this is as close as I can get.  Now I am guessing this is just a live tracked record and not an actual live show because there is no banter or show noise at all.  That is fine.  I still enjoy this recording for the raw and rough intensity that it has over the regular recorded versions.

I really hope that they come to California again and at least put out more music.

They self released this live recording on their bandcamp.

They have records that these songs are from here.



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