CM PUNK HOUSE #4: Shots Fired

This week’s CM Punk house will not be a recap of Raw because tbh I was tired and fell asleep. Instead I’m here to bring you the latest news on ex professional wrestler CM PUNK. I heard CM suffered an injury that will setback his UFC debut but that’s not important. What’s important is this tweet.

cmshotsLink to tweet

It’s finally October! October is obviously only great for one thing and it isn’t Halloween, or candy, or Fest but Breast Cancer Awareness. This year for Halloween I’m going to dress up as a person who isn’t aware of breast cancer. Who isn’t aware of breast cancer? Babies aren’t aware of breast cancer. They are however aware of breasts because that’s where their food comes from. Unless they are formula babies then they may not be aware of breasts until puberty. Babies aren’t aware of a lot of things and maybe that’s why WWE and Susan B Komen have to make them aware. The WWE’s main audience is children after all.

But anyway CM Punk reminds us to not support companies that don’t actually put money into research. A lot of charities are pretty sketch tbh. A lot of the major charities are known to make profits for their executives. An executive at a charity should not be making that much if you ask me that just shows that they aren’t being as charitable as they could be.

My favorite part about this tweet is how openly CM Punk tosses shade at the WWE and their “charity efforts”.

You can’t tell me WWE isn’t making bank off these sweet pink tees

Enough preaching to the choir! Go listen to “Shots Fired” by Just Friends

It’s the perfect soundtrack to CM Punk’s breakup with the WWE.

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