Review – Motor Inn “Odd Hours EP”

Motor Inn has been under the radar for a couple years in San Francisco.  They sound like they could be a lollipop/echo park band. They really only play in SF area from what I can tell and have done a trip up north, but not south.  They should fix that problem.  I would really dig to see some of these songs live. I enjoyed their 2 song self titled EP from last year.  I thought those songs had potential but the recording quality was not doing for me.  That’s cool though because they recorded more.  Whose first recordings were the best anyways?  They solved all my issues with their last EP on their new release.  “Odd Hours” is 5 fun garage rock tracks.


I am gonna highlight the songs that stuck out to me.

Drive Alone –  This song is a good opener song.  Candace’s drums are really driving in an almost tribal way.  I really dig the drums the most on this song.

Magic Man – Adrian’s voice on this track really reminds me of Todd from Toys that Kill/Underground Railroad to Candyland.  It caught me off guard a little.  I did not get that feeling on the other tracks.

Mystery Girl – This is the most interesting song on the record.  It is not the my favorite, but it is interesting and a little trippy with the melody.  I really enjoy the opening riff.  It has a great 60’s vibe to it.

Night On The Beach – This is their best song.  My favorite part is the end when they hit “Night on the beach” and  play that outro riff.  I wish it kept going and built up to a bigger finale IMHO but it was good.  I was just expecting it to come back real big.

Overall this is a solid release.  I still think this band has potential and hasn’t reached it yet. I think their biggest hurdle is how do you stick out from the crowd of garage rock bands.  This EP is a start though. I am excited to see where this band goes.

The EP was self released on bandcamp and I do not know if they are planning a physical release.  Go see them play in the bay area and let me know how they are live.



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I (Michael Mahaffie) am a documentary film editor by day and obsessive record collector by night. I also program documentaries for the Slamdance Film Festival. I have 2 dogs and a cat. I live in Echo Park. I like eating new foods and riding my bike. I also just learned how to juggle.

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