Review – The Vibekills “3P”

As someone who books and promotes shows on a semi regular basis, I am often scouring the web looking for local bands that I feel fit the bill of the shows I am booking and are at least halfway competent in playing their songs live.  While it isn’t most difficult task to find bands bands that “fit the bill”, I find it much more challenging to find a band that “fits the bill” and is exceptional.

Hailing from Los Angeles, The Vibekills most recent release which is self described as “a really short ep or a triple-B side single” and it is one of my favorite EPs released this year.  Honestly, the only downside of this album is how short it is.  Littered with catchy hooks, strong vocal harmonies and upbeat choruses, it’s hard to believe that this band is a three piece.

It’s safe to say that with songs like “Jullianne” which is reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, The Vibekills have left me seriously impressed and surprised that more people in Southern California haven’t taken notice of them.



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