Pity Party’s Debut EP “In Heaven Everything Is Fine”

It’s rare to get a band like Pity Party now. In an increasing crowded field of bands Pity Party stands out from the rest. From start to finish this Bay Area quintet created a body of work that they should be proud of. Through a unique blend of influences and a powerful lead vocal performance from Sarah Levy, “In Heaven Everything Is Fine,” gave me a sense of nostalgia. Moments on this record took me back to 2006 when I found out that Miss Murder was not AFI’s only song. Or on the featured song, Party Stops, which musically sent me back to 2011 senior year of high school when Joyce Manor dropped, Joyce Manor s/t, and changed the world we occupy. Pairing that with Sarah Levy’s powerful and distinct vocal style you have the making of something that stands out from the sea of bands crowding this genre in 2015. This band has so much potential and this release makes me excited for what they are planning next.

Pity Party debuted “In Heaven Everything Is Fine” August 13th, 2015 and is heading out on a six day pacific northwest tour with Eugene, Oregon’s Southtowne Lanes in November.


FFO: The Distillers, Joyce Manor, AFI

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