Pet Enthusiasts A Shark Among Us Showcase Their Hardcore Passion For Animal Rights With “Vivid” Video

“The song’s about an experience I had with a tweeker. I saw a dog tied up outside of a store and it looked really neglected. He was missing patches of hair and was pretty underweight. I was hanging out with the dog and I saw the tweeker walk up high af. I was really mad because he had money for meth but didn’t care about the well-being of the dog. It’s pretty much about dragging someone into a terrible situation because of self-interest.” – Furby Furb (ASAU, Vocals)

A Shark Among Us just premiered this song on their Youtube channel. The video was done by friend of the blog, Johnny Ramos. You can follow/contact Johnny through Dream Films.

This song was released on a 7″ split with GRVMND via Open Door Records and is available here.

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