Review – Sunrise Secret Wedding “Astrology”

There are people who swear by astrology and allow it to influence their lives. I am not one of these people. Sunrise Secret Wedding brings us what I can assume from the title is an astrology themed record. Each track is named after a different horoscope and I want to say it pertains to that specific horoscope but I don’t know enough about horoscopes and even after several listens I don’t know enough about this record to confirm that.

I can confirm that “Astrology” is very mellow and a great listen when you’re  trying to get in the mood for a siq nap. I can confirm that I just took a siq nap.

“Astrology” has a very charming lo-fi home recording quality throughout. Although I didn’t pick up on the lyrical content, the vocals on this record resonate with me and check all the right boxes in the emotional department. The over abundance of effects and looping can make the record feel repetitive and incomplete, but this is not necessarily a negative quality. The repetition makes it easy to zone out. I enjoy that I can just zone out and chill out. I would not recommend listening to this record on a long late night drive. On the other hand, it could potential create an interesting near death experience. I’m not saying this record is making me think about death. Stop putting words in my mouth!

Sunrise Secret Wedding is Jesse Montgomery. CD’s are coming soon on Empty Headed Records.

My Rating: 5.5/10

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