Iowa’s Stars Hollow Debuts first single “Cloud Envy”

What is Iowa known for? The obvious answer: Slipknot. But I have come to terms that Slipknot is not the only band from Iowa. Stars Hollow out of Ames, Iowa just debuted their first single September 19th, 2015. Coming in at just under three and half minutes, “Cloud Envy” doesn’t sound anything like Slipknot unfortunately, but if you miss Comadre this might be for you. Guitarist Tyler Stodghill is a staple in the Des Moines/Ames, Iowa DIY scene and has been a huge help to touring and local bands alike. Upon first listen, I felt a comparison to Bay Area Juggernaut Leer and their work on their 2013 record, “Spring Break No Parents.” Having Stodghill in the band alone is a reason to check this out, but if you are a fan of Skramz, Emo or Twinkly definitely give this a listen.

FFO: Comadre, Leer, Tiny Moving Parts

Photo Credit: Graham Gardner

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