Review – Big Awesome “Party On”

Three years ago Big Awesome released Bird Feeder the super chill twinkley ep of the decade , last month they released their first ep and the follow up entitled Party On. Party on is a throwback surfy early 2000’s pop punk record. The record starts with “What Grows up Must Get Down ” which can easily be mistaken for an early Bouncing Souls song , full of the great pop punky drum fills and bass riffs we know and love accompanied by raspy angsty vocals. The third track sounds more like ep , with nice clean twinkly guitar breaks and sweet dancy drum breaks, The Gem of the is ” Pay Attention” its what I like to call long drive Punk its a great sing a long that you will scream on a long drive late night when you’re alone


All together I give the album a 8/10

The physical record is available here!!

The album is available digitally here!!

-Chex Joseph

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