Growing Up is Dumb v3 Lineup Announcement 1

The first Growing Up Is Dumb v.3 band announcement is finally here!

The event will take place December 11th-13th in Pomona CA at The American Legion Hall and VLHS.  There will also be a 3v3 basketball tournament between the bands.


Full Details Here:

Tickets Here:

The First announcement of bands includes:

Kimya Dawson
Defiance, Ohio
Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra
Toys That Kill
Nana Grizol
R.L. Kelly
Warm Thoughts
The Underground Railroad to Candyland
High Dive
Winter Break
La Bella
Never Young
Jason Clackley
Slime Girls
Hey Hallways
Hillary Chillton 

Food by Rafa’s Tacos

A few of us at the blog wrote about which band we are most excited to see this year.

I’m pretty excited that Defiance Ohio is playing.  GUID feels like a continuation of Fest for me and I couldn’t be more stoked.  I still haven’t actually seen Defiance Ohio live so now I won’t feel as bad if I miss them at Fest. Defiance Ohio is folk punk at its absolute best.  They possess this charming DIY aspect without sacrificing instrumentation.  I’m a sucker for that violin.


-Dan Ramirez

Holy shit I don’t even need to have anymore bands, this is good enough.  I will gladly take more though.  It was a bummer not having VLHS shows last year but it looks like we will have VLHS shows this year.  GUID is everything right with the DIY punk community.  I have been every year and Aaron curates a really diverse and fun line-up every year.  The band I am most excited to see right now is Joyride!  I love their gritty fast punk sound.  Their two LPs are some of the strongest out there.  I got to see them live for the first time last year at GUID 2 and they killed it. I already got my pass for this year and you should too.



Nana Grizol is Theo Hilton (Defiance, Ohio (band)), Laura Carter (Elf Power, Neutral Milk Hotel), Robbie Cucchiaro (The Music Tapes, Neutral Milk Hotel), Jared Gandy (Witches), drummer Matte Cathcart and Kate Mitchell, Ian Rickert, Patrick Jennings and Michael Schneeweis (Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass)
Love it Love (their first album) was a folk punk kids dream and Ruth (their second album) is an indie kids wet dream, Theo writes some of the greatest lyrics ive ever hears on Ruth whipsy intellegent metaphors and funny quips about growing up in a small town with out the sad pseduo pretentiousness that so many emo and pop punk bands have when writing about their home town , I advise you to listen to Ruth and if you one see one band at Growning Up Is Dumb see Nana Grizol


-Chex Joseph

(Sam is really stoked and couldn’t pick just one.)

Walter Mitty And his Makeshift Orchestra: They had the best record of 2014, they are the most fun band to see live, they also haven’t played too much since their last tour. by far one of the best bands not only on the fest but also in the game rn.


Hillary Chillton: The most amazing people I have met in SoCal. Nina is gem of a human being. The have the most musical dynamics out of any of the bands announce thus far


Hemingway: Fresh off a USA tour, most a lot people missed their set from GUID 2014 since they were one of the first bands. Do not miss their set, such a fun band. Benny is also a top notch human being


-Sam Kless

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