Review – Get Married “Four Songs”

The kids from Stand By Me decided to stop looking for dead bodies and decided to start a punk band.  I think they will still need their comb though. Hopefully someone remembered it.


I got introduced to Get Married because I have known Jaake Margo for probably 10 years.  Yes it is Jaake and not Jake.  I don’t know why. Ask him.  Anyways,  I remember his first band Cheers to Doerr would cover “Gang Control.” Through his many bands(Cheers to Doerr, Disabled Intent, Kill The Bats), I have always enjoyed what Jaake was up to.  The dude has done so much for the San Jose punk scene and he really goes unnoticed outside of it.  It’s a shame.


Get Married picks up right where Kill The Bats left off and fully embraces their inner hopeless romantic.  Get Married wishes they were baby boomers and went to high school in the 50’s.  They will have to find Dr. Emmett Brown if they want that to happen.  He should be here in October. Anyways, these sad love songs are paired really nicely catchy upbeat pop-punk tunes.  The musicianship is pretty tight and each song packs quite a unique punch.  My favorite songs on this are “Coffee” and “Grenadine.”


Coffee –  Fuck me, this song is good.  It is so sweet and such a nice pop-punk throwback.  I wanna slow dance to this song at a sock hop.  I am such a sucker for a sad song in 6/8. The metaphor of coffee really works for me. When Jaake admits in the song he doesn’t drink coffee is a fun creative way to talk about heartbreak.    The harmonies on this at the end low key gave me chills.

Grenadine –  This song shreds.  I think this song encapsulates what Get Married is trying to do as a band.  Randy and Jaake’s guitars really stand out in this song.  It has a nice guitar solo in it. Lyrically there are also a lot of throwback references.  Jaake really likes old movies.  My friend Hilary also really likes old movies.  Maybe they should meet.


The tape is self-released by the band and is available at most shows.  The photos are all taken by Jaake.  The picture of the Falafel’s Drive-In makes me really hungry.  That spot is so good.  Matt Wicker did the layout for the tape.  Matt does some really nice woodworking that I will probably blog about in the future.

Here is the demo digitally.  This Demo/EP gets me excited for a future releases.  I hope they put out a 7″ in the future.



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